Hey folks how you been how is life going?

For those of you who know or don’t know I haven’t been updating or developing this blog for the past 3 years, few days a go was the first time I ever log in to my account.

But for the past couple of years I have learned and changed a lot, there are many topics that I want to talk about, and many ideas and thought I have that I want to share with you guys and girls.

So I decided to start the blog again, and dedicate consistent time and effort every week, I want to bring to you the best I have, for the time and the budget that I can allocate for this passionate project of mine.

OK Since we got the announcements out-of-the-way.

what has happened for the past 3 years:

I started this blog in the summer of 2014 at the time I have taken a month off work (well not exactly I was still working a half day) and I was enjoying the FIFA World Cup (tradition of mine to watch the entire world cup since I was a kid) at that time I had a bit more free time duo to the half day schedule. So I decided to start a blog and I did actively work on it for 30 days and was posting everyday. So far so good, but when the world cup ended I had to go back to a full-time working schedule and I didn’t have anytime left to work on the blog. So I focused on my other projects and left this one, but since the last 3 years a lot of things have changed in my life and I have learned and experienced a lot of things, so I want to share them with you and from now on I will treat this site as I treat all my other projects and will dedicate time and effort so you can receive the most value out of it.


The future of this blog:

I will focus on these 3 main topics – Entrepreneurship, life and happiness

I will be writing about:

  • Business

  • Life tips and advice

  • Thoughts on happiness

  • “How to” posts

  • Book reviews

  • And everything else that I think it will be useful for you the reader


What to expect from this blog in the future:

I will keep my style of writing the same – very plain, simple and straight to the point.

This is the way I communicate ideas and believes, I want to make this simple and easy to understand by everyone, even if English is not your native language (like in my case).

I will dedicate more resources and time in to pictures, design and promotion of this blog so it can be more enjoyable for the eye not only for the mind.

I will bring as much actual and practical advice as I can not only theories and talking points, the most important thing for me is to be able to not only make you think or entertain you for a while but also give you something practical that you can try to see if it works for you.

I’m a business person so most of the topics will evolve around business and entrepreneurship, but I also enjoy many things and hobbies outside of business, so I will bring you topics and ideas from that world as well, and I do believe that they will be very beneficial for most people.

OK folks this is pretty much it for now, announcements are out-of-the-way, now it’s time to get back to writing and creating, I will be posting twice a week from now on, when I’m ready with a schedule I will let you know, fallow this blog and don’t hesitate to contact me or to drop a comment, thanks for reading and see you soon!