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Back in the day when I was a teenager and a kid I used to have some days where there was nothing to do, and I was bored, luckily I don’t have this problem as much nowadays because I’m very busy with a lot of projects, but sometime when I take a bit of time off or during the weekends I do find myself having some extra time that I don’t manage and I just sit there. If you have the same problem I have written 7 more things that I do to kill some time and be  productive at the same time.

I was looking at some lists with activities that you can do when you’re bored, but I stumble across only 2 main types of lists.

The first type of lists is  with activities that are complete waste of time – “scratch your foot, try not to think about penguins and send text backwards to a friend” – complete rubbish and waste of time in my opinion

The Second type of lists is with some activities that take a long time to do or you need to use a lot of brain power – “Learn a new language, fill in your tax return and start a new business” – these are productive activities but I don’t think that you should start a new business or fill in a tax return when you’re bored, it take time and a lot of effort.

The idea of all these activities is to be done when you have a bit of free time, to be bored (so you’re mind and body are free) and to do something easy and productive for a bit.

Let’s get started, keep in mind that I use the number system just so it’s easier to keep track, for me all the activities are equal.

I’m bored

7 Very productive things to do when you’re bored:

#1 Rearrange you’re room/house and you’re possessions – I do this usually every few months, and when I was a kid my parents used to do it couple of times a year as well, just to change things up and create some new energy in the house, move the sofa, tv, re-arrange the book do a proper clean of the room or the house as well.

#2 Have a day/night In and make some home cooked meal – If you live alone do it for your self, if you live with somebody else or you have family near by do it for them. Whenever I have time I really enjoy to put on my headphones go down to the kitchen and improvise a nice home cooked meal, I usually take my time with it, I’m not in a hurry because I have time that I can dedicate to it, then I put on a favourite movie, documentary or stand – up (If you like stand-up, check out this – 8 Stand-Up Comedians Worth Watching) and I just enjoy the food and the things that I’m watching.

#2 Have a day/nigh In

#3 Invite family/Friends for a coffee/tea to your place – In some countries and cultures this is very popular, when I was living back in Bulgaria we used to do it 1-2 times a week, call up a family member and invite them for tea, coffee and biscuits and just chill and talk about the family and life. It’s a great way to spend some quality time with the people you love and care about.

#4 Call a Friend/Family member that you haven’t talked to in a long time – This is a very good practice not only to do when you’re bored but to on a regular basis, keeping up with family and friends is very important, especially with those who you haven’t talked to in a long time, life is fast and busy and everybody has something going on, so when you call or hear from a friend or a family member that you haven’t spoken to in a long time is a very sweet gesture.

#4 Call a Friend/Family member

#5 Prepare a Shopping List – I never go grocery shopping without a shopping list, this is just the way I am, I need to know what to buy and how can I find is quicker, I don’t like to wonder around the store, I have things to do and no time to waste, so for me is good whenever I have a bit of free time to sit down and prepare my next shopping list. I go to the fridge and the cupboard and see what I have and what I need then I do a big shopping list for the upcoming weeks, this way the next time I need to go shopping I don’t have to make a list in my mind or at the last moment.

#6 Home Beauty Treatment Day – God knows I need one every week! I learned this one from my girlfriend, she has a beauty treatment day every Sunday, so I thought that this is a good idea to post it here, doesn’t mater if you’re a boy or a girl, beauty treatment days are awesome and very necessary to stay sharp and confident (For the guys have a look at this – 7 Cheap and Awesome Grooming Products For Men)

#6 Home Beauty Treatment Day

#7 Take a Power Nap – I took a power nap before writing this article! Power naps are a 20-30 minute short nap during the middle of the day. They are great for business people and for people who are very busy and don’t get enough sleep. I like to take a power nap 1-2 times a week and it has a very refreshing effect on me. My advice for power naps is always use an alarm clock and set it for 20-30 minutes not more.

So there you have it 7 things to do when your bored. So the next time you have nothing to do use some of the tips given in this post and make your day more fun and productive.

Make sure you check out the original post for even more things to do when you’re bored.

13 Very Productive Things To Do When You’re Bored

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