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Hello and thank you for visiting and supporting my blog.
My name is Mike and I’m a 27-year-old entrepreneur, living in Liverpool (England)
For the last 6 years I have been on an entrepreneurial journey that thought me a lot of lessons on how the real world works, I left my home, family and friends at the age of 21 and move on my own to the other side of Europe, since moving forward alone in life I’ve come across many experiences, emotions and people. I learned a lot and I developed my ideas, thoughts and viewpoints even more. I had some many ideas and thoughts that I wanted to share, back in 2013 I started a personal journal, I was expressing my thoughts and interests everyday, but it wasn’t enough there was no interaction, I needed the feedback and the different view points. So in 2017 I officially started my blog, I wanted to share my ideas with the world and to express myself with the thoughts that go through my head.

With this blog (www.mikeyanek.com) I want to start a community of people who just like me a searching, searching for answers to the never-ending tsunami of questions that we all have, and maybe sometimes we are too afraid to ask, even ourselves.

The topics in my blog will be mostly related to the topics that are most exciting to me (I’m open to topic requests as well) – happiness, meaning of life, business, depression, isolation, breaking through, adversity and struggle, self-esteem, life lessons that I’ve learned from other people, book reviews and many more.

I strongly believe that in the messed up world we live in today, the main things that are missing is conversation and listening to each other, I want to create a place where people can inform, entertain and think on a certain topic, I want to create a community of people who want to find what they need in life, not wonder about with no direction.

I will not preach or tell you what to do, I will only share and leave an open invitation, I will share my life experiences and what I think, I hope that you will do the same.

The reason I have created a Patreon page for my blog is to raise enough money so I can start working on the site part-time or full-time. I really enjoy writing and communicating with people, but I currently work full-time and I have a few mini side projects, so I can only afford to spend 3 hours on the weekend working on the blog.

Where will the money go to?
All the money that are raised via Patreon will go in to the website, the larger the budget the more time I can spend working, researching and writing. My goal is to raise $1,000 per month so I can work part-time (16 hours) a week on the site, also hire 2 people who will help me with all the graphic design work and a native English speaker who will help me with all the formatting, checking the content and blog strategy. Also I want to hire a voice over actor to do all the articles in audio format, so that way the people who are too busy to read can listen to the content on the site.
I will keep the site and all of its content free of charge, If you can contribute to this project, it will be much appreciated if you don’t have the finances or you don’t want to I understand and I welcome you as well, you can still enjoy the content free of charge. I will do my best to always keep the content free and to invest as much time I can.

Thank you once again for the support and for viewing my content.
See you soon

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